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How the HFE helps victims

A rescuer's mission is to protect life and property. We wanted to create a product that would allow rescuers to better execute their mission. Our Hands-Free Extractor (HFE) provides rescuers the opportunity to perform rescues on victims

hands-free. By attaching the HFE to both the rescuer and victim, it frees both of the rescuer's hands during the evacuation or extrication process.

How the HFE can potentially save lives

Firefighters (and other rescuers) have to perform a multitude of tasks that require at least one hand. From orienting their direction in a room by anchoring a hand along a wall or needing to pry open a door with a Halligan tool, a rescuers hands are an essential part of an evacuation or extrication process. The HFE gives the rescuer the ability to keep their eyes up and focus on the escape route/environment around them - decreasing the risk for both the rescuer and the victim.  By attaching to the rescuer and victim, the HFE allows the rescuer to remove the victim from the situation while using both hands to perform tasks to speed up the rescue process. The HFE's design and placement on the rescuer and victim more weight to be pulled with less effort than traditional methods. 

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