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Hands-Free Extractor

Hands-Free Extractor

The Hands-Free Extractor (HFE) is a versatile device designed to allow a "hands-free" extracation of a body, mass, object, etc. The Patent Pending design includes a chin strap which allows for head stabilization during victim extracation.

Although the HFE itself weighs in at just over 1 pound, it is rated to pull an impressive 1000 lbs.  The HFE is compact making it easy to transport while taking up minimal space. 


The HFE will arrive assembled and ready to use. 


    Third Man Products is proud to introduce our 100% American-made, patent-pending rescue tool, the Hands-Free Extractor (HFE - aka "Jefe"). The HFE was designed to be a versatile tool in any rescuer’s arsenal. It will provide rescue options that rescuers have never known before and help revolutionize victim extractions. Although it was originally designed with firefighters in mind, it is just as useful for Law Enforcement Officers, Military Personnel, Civilians, and a host of other vocations.

    The HFE's simple design and compact storage make it a convenient product. The HFE is quick to deploy and attach to both the victim and rescuer, helping reduce the time and effort it takes to remove them from the situation. The HFE was designed for a true “hands free” rescue; situations where the rescuer needs both hands to crawl, open doors, use an axe, fire hose, or weapon, or simply move debris from an escape route. Weighing just over 1 pound, the HFE is extremely easy to transport without taking up valuable space on a truck, car, boat, ship, or the rescuer’s body.

    Another attractive draw to the HFE is that it provides protection to the victim’s head during the extraction process. In rescue attempts, the goal is to get the victim out of a dangerous situation as fast as possible, but the victim is susceptible to heavy jostling during the rescue process, with the head often being unprotected or unsupported.. The HFE provides support for the victim’s head to minimize harm that may occur in the midst of rescue situations. While this design feature helps set the HFE apart, the most important and unique feature of the HFE’s design is the ability it provides for the rescuer to remain hands-free and “stay in the fight!”

    Even though the HFE is rated at an impressive 1000 lbs., it’s extremely versatile. The HFE provides various ways for the rescuer to move during a rescue attempt. The rescuer is able to crawl, bear crawl, and walk forwards or backwards without having to reattach the unit to either themselves or the victims, which saves valuable time during the extrication process. Not only that, there are numerous ways for the rescuer to attach the HFE to themselves and the victim. The versatility of the HFE's uses, attachment configurations, and the various situations the HFE would be able to aid is paramount.

    We are still conducting research and testing for our product to see it’s full potential, but it has already proven to be a faster, easier way to remove victims. By dragging the victim, the rescuer is free to see where their escape route is, allowing them to assess their situation and react accordingly. When attached and used correctly in various ways, the HFE can also help the rescuer remove victim’s through a window, carry a victim over rough terrain, and up or down stairs, completely hands free. Some techniques may require two HFEs and two rescuers, but most are accomplished with a single HFE. While we have discovered numerous ways the HFE can aid the rescuer, we are confident that you will find other ways to use the product in your testing. We hope if you do, you will share videos and techniques with us to pass along to other rescuers. Please share your videos here!

    We believe that after you try the HFE, you will understand why we affectionately call it “Jefe.”


    • 100% American made
    • SAM CAGE #97QH1
$184.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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